SUBMIT: Expression of Interests as MARKETS II Subcontractor

Deadline: COB on Friday, 31st January, 2014

USAID’s Maximizing Agricultural Revenue in Key Enterprises and Targeted Sites (MARKETS II) project, implemented by Chemonics International Inc., is the successor to the previous MARKETS project, a USAID|Nigeria activity that proved successful in building productive commercially sustainable agricultural commodity value chains.

MARKETS II project focuses on the large population of smallholder farmers with between 1 to 5 hectares of land under cultivation. An estimated 80% and 90% of all agricultural plots in Nigeria are less than 2 hectares in size. Given that about 60% to 80% of the workforce on such smallholdings may be women (depending on crop and region); MARKETS II will seek to benefit them especially. The project will continue to make agro-processors central to the value chain and sector development to increase rural incomes and jobs. The program shall privilege women, youth, and the very poor by systematically seeking to incorporate these groups into all project activities. The project is also designed to be financially, economically and environmentally sustainable. MARKETS II will work with local banks and other lenders, e.g., MFIs, MFBs, and NGOs, to update their systems, staff, evaluation procedures, collateral requirements and the like to facilitate lending to smallholders. Productivity increases will not be the outcome of direct subsidies but rather the results of adoption of modern farming methods, connecting farmers and agro producers, improved inputs through privately and publicly provided extension services by investments in public infrastructure and by changes in Agricultural policy.

All MARKETS II interventions aimed at increasing farm productivity will: promote access to and application of environmentally sound resources management best practices in strict compliance with Sections 117 to 119 of the Foreign Assistance and Part 216 of the Code of Federal regulations and adopted technologies (water and soil management best practices; drought tolerant and pest/disease resistant crop varieties) that mitigate the negative consequences of climate change. All MARKETS II activities will abide by the MARKETS II PERSUAP and EMMP. These activities will be carried out in the focus states of Sokoto, Taraba, Kwara, Delta, Enugu, Kano, Kaduna, Oyo, Benue, Kogi, Rivers, Cross River, Niger, FCT and Ondo including Edo, Bayelsa, Kebbi and Jigawa. The five (5) main targeted commodities are sorghum, cassava, rice, aquaculture (maize and soybeans are sub-value chains for inputs to make local fish feed) and cocoa. Activities in the targeted nearby states will also affect nearby states.

MARKETS II is therefore seeking expressions of interest from competent, qualified and registered subcontractor who can work directly with the farmers through the Extension Agents (EAs) of the state Agricultural Development Programmes (ADPs) to achieve anticipated results.

The Expression of Interest must include the following information:

o Company name, copy of certificate of Incorporation and Tax Identification Number (TIN)
o Board composion, Organogram, Contact Information-including: contact name, title, address, telephone, e-mail, e.t.c.
o Brief description of the company and its activities, including the value chain(s) and state(s) in which the company works.

Please submit all Expression of Interest via e-mail to on or before close of business on Friday, 31st January, 2014. Expression of Interest may not be longer than 3 pages using Arial 12 font, single spacing (one space between sentences), a single line-space between paragraphs, and text should be justified left and right.

Shortlisted subcontractors will be invited for a one-day ‘getting to subcontracts workshop’ at the MARKETS II project office in Abuja in early 2014 at their own cost.


About kalusam

I am a graduate of Agriculture with options in Soil Science and Meteorology from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike- Nigeria. I am the lead Agribusiness consultant at Agritechnovate Solutions Entreprises. I have underwent several trainings, conferences and studies in Agriculture and entrepreneurship with University of Maryland, U.S.A , IHAV Foundation Conference, Association of Africa Business School (AABS) Agric business Launch to mention but a few. As a young farmer and entreprenuer with a passion for research and writing, I use this blog to share my experiences as well as inform Youths of the opportunities available in Agriculture and Entrepreneurship. Follow me on twitter: @kalusamanya Facebook: Skype: kalusam WHatsapp: +2347036931636
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