Meet our Young Farmer of the month of February: Adebayo

I am always excited to write this segment of my blog as it gives me joy promoting other young smallholder/family farmers like myself who are either supporting their parent’s farm or are have small farms where they employ others. Our Young Family farmer for the month of February, 2014 is no other person than Mr. Adebayo Kolawole Olurode, the Manager of Hossana Farms.

The first time I met this young man was in Accra, Ghana during the IHAV Foundation international conference on Youth and Agriculture in 2013 and was thrilled when he happily said, he was a farmer even though he is a student of Philosophy. What surprised me in this young man was the fact that he has worked severally in various farms voluntarily, where probably he horned his skills to operate Hosanna farm.P08-01-14_11.04[1]We caught up with the young farmer whose farm is located in Pataara farm settlement in Iwo, Osun State where he operates a 22 acre farm, these were the excerpts below:

Kalusam: Please Sir, tell us about your person (What drives you, what are you passionate about?)

I am Adebayo kolawole,a final year student of philosophy,Obafemi Awolowo University. Most importantly, am a practicing farmer. What drives me is my constant desire to help the poor get affordable and quality food.Since i had a very poor background,i know how the poor feel and i know how it feels to be really dream is to contribute to how Nigeria can be self-sustained in terms of food production.

Adebayo:Watering the farm, a leader leads by showing example!

Adebayo:Watering the farm, a leader leads by showing example!

Kalusam: What crops do you grow in Hossana farm and where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Currently, we grow cucumber, water melon, tomatoes,pepper,  potatoes (irish and sweet) then maize and cassava. But we do local vegetables only in the dry seasons.

In the next ten years,i see my self and my team at the front of Agribusiness industry in Nigeria and helping Africa to attain a level of food security.

Kalusam: How do you plan to get there?

I plan to get their through hard work and team work.And also with a strong belief in Jesus.

Kalusam: one of the key traits of a leader is to serve people. How do you serve people?

In the area of service, i have worked for different people on their farms without being paid,and also on my farm,every body works together without trying to be the boss.

Kalusam: Finally Mr. Adebayo, what are your encouragements for African Youths?

My encouragement to African youths is to be focused in what they do,and the sector: agriculture is inviting them.We cannot all travel abroad, we need to fix our own continent by our own self,since no one will do it for us.

Since the youths are lovers of fun and we are innovative,we can also make agriculture fun filled and also innovative.with us,Africa can feed Africa!

DO you need high quality Watermelon, cucumber, potatoes, tomatoes anywhere in the world, contact Mr. Adebayo on:

+234 (0) 802 031 1823|

Are you a young smallholder/family farmer or do you know one? please contact us to have them featured next month.


About kalusam

I am a graduate of Agriculture with options in Soil Science and Meteorology from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike- Nigeria. I am the lead Agribusiness consultant at Agritechnovate Solutions Entreprises. I have underwent several trainings, conferences and studies in Agriculture and entrepreneurship with University of Maryland, U.S.A , IHAV Foundation Conference, Association of Africa Business School (AABS) Agric business Launch to mention but a few. As a young farmer and entreprenuer with a passion for research and writing, I use this blog to share my experiences as well as inform Youths of the opportunities available in Agriculture and Entrepreneurship. Follow me on twitter: @kalusamanya Facebook: Skype: kalusam WHatsapp: +2347036931636
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4 Responses to Meet our Young Farmer of the month of February: Adebayo

  1. Liz says:

    Good work you are doing here. Well done! If you won’t mind my digressing a little bit, i saw something on your blog about wordpress blog and website. Please,how do i go about starting my own blog or web. without spending much. I understand that there is a way you can go about it without using a web designer. Can you enlighten me please! You can connect me via my e-mail. Looking forward to your response.Thanks

    • kalusam says:

      Hello Liz,
      Thanks for your interest in my blog. You do not need to be a web designer to have a blog, all you need is acess to a computer and internet. Lots of ‘do it yourself’ materials are available online or free, just Google them out. All the best!

  2. Olu omole says:

    This is very encouraging more grease to your elbow, Am surprised that cucumber and potato can grow in oshun land even in yoruba land pls elaborate more on this.

    • kalusam says:

      Thanks for stopping by to read my blog Mr. Omole. Cucumber, potato and other vegetables can grow anywhere in Nigeria provided it is grown under the right soil and environment.

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