Attracting youth into Agribusiness with Capacity building programmes and Innovation

Ogbomosho, Oyo State                                                                                  15th December, 2014

yabdi pixAttracting youth to go into Agriculture has indeed been a great challenge in Nigeria and in most parts of the world. As the population of farmers reduces due to old age and death, there is a burgeoning need to get youths involved in all areas of the Agribusiness value chain.

To this end, a group of young vibrant youths from different disciplines and with a vision to produce more food for the ever increasing population created a Project that aims to encourage youths to get involved in the various value chain of the Agribusiness sphere, from production, inputs, sales and marketing, post harvest management.

The project initiated by Mr Adeniyi Sola Bunmi, CEO Natural Nutrient Limited created an opportunity for over 20 youths to be trained in growing short term vegetables and long term profitable crops. The youths were hosted in Ogbomosho, Oyo state by a young entrepreneur: Mr Debo Thomas Olushola-MD Hastom Global services Limited who gave out 50 acres of land for free to support the project.

About 20 youths from across Nigeria gathered in Ogbomosho, Oyo state from 11th to 12th December, 2014 and where trained on various crops from cucumber to tomato, soy beans and plantain. Speaking at the event the CEO Natural Nutrient Limited , Mr. Sola Adeniyi appreciated the participants for coming from various part of the country to be at the event, he also encouraged youths to take Agriculture as a business and profit making venture not see it as suffering.

Mr Debo Thomas Olushola added that Youths should remove their mindset of Agriculture from the default setting that Agriculture is suffering or poverty. It’s a fact some people who are into Agriculture are poor, but I don’t why they are poor. It is a fact that practicing Agriculture the same way our fore fathers did it, will amount to suffering and poverty.

Application of technology and innovation into Agriculture will go a long way to involve more youths in Agriculture and generate money for farmers. Using low cost irrigation systems, green house technologies, improved seeds and proper market information and post harvest management will not only encourage a constant supply of food but also encourage more youths to go into Agribusiness as a profitable venture.

The Project tagged: Youth in Agri-Business Development and Innovation (YABDI) provided an opportunity for over 20 serious young and able people willing to key into agribusiness industry to get access to free land, practical training and mentoring and creation of ready market for the products.

The YABDI Project aims to empower more youths to go into the various value chains in Agriculture, through monthly trainings. it aims to build the capacity and empower over 1000 youths across Nigeria each year.

The YABDI Ogbomosho Project made available 50 acres of land to the selected participants and they were trained in agricultural practices ranging from planting, management to marketing for free at YABDI FARMERS HUB, participant were grouped together to foster the spirit of collaboration to achieve the necessary results.

As our population rises, there is also a rise in food consumption here in Nigeria, Africa and globally. As a result of this there is a need for an increase in agricultural activities and technique. This cannot be done without people being encouraged especially the youth to go back into agriculture which use to be a major part of our nations economy contributing a high percentage of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

This is not a time to slack back on involving youths in Agribusiness, the YABDI Project has come to stay and empowering Youths in the various Agribusiness value chains is our priority. YABDI…get involved!


About kalusam

I am a graduate of Agriculture with options in Soil Science and Meteorology from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike- Nigeria. I am the lead Agribusiness consultant at Agritechnovate Solutions Entreprises. I have underwent several trainings, conferences and studies in Agriculture and entrepreneurship with University of Maryland, U.S.A , IHAV Foundation Conference, Association of Africa Business School (AABS) Agric business Launch to mention but a few. As a young farmer and entreprenuer with a passion for research and writing, I use this blog to share my experiences as well as inform Youths of the opportunities available in Agriculture and Entrepreneurship. Follow me on twitter: @kalusamanya Facebook: Skype: kalusam WHatsapp: +2347036931636
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