Nigeria: Learn how Doeland Farms is developing the Rabbit Industry in Nigeria!


Do you love rabbits? Do you know rabbit meat tastes so good and are very healthy too? Do you know you can make good money in 2017, raising rabbits? To find answers to this questions we visited Doeland Farms and discussed with the CEO. See excerpts below….

I am Ogbonna Bethel U. I had my Bachelor in Agriculture from Michael
Okpara University of Agriculture – Umudike, Nigeria, where I studied
Animal Science. I am also a member of Nigeria Institute of Animal
I studied Animal Science as applicable to Agriculture because right
from childhood I have this passion for nature with special interest
for plants and animals. But Animals occupy a larger place in my heart.
I entered into Agriculture because unlike just farming Agriculture
deals with applications of scientific knowledge and concerted human
effort in solving farm related problems, so as someone who has a knack
for nature especially plants and animals and love to solve life
puzzles… Agriculture l like my essence.
Apart from this I love food, love to produce food and enjoy knowing
that people enjoy my product. So I could say love for nature and man
is what drives me.

Yes, Doeland Farm was developed after my undergraduate project. As one
who worked with Rabbits then, I know what I suffered to source these
cute animals – very few people do it as a backyard venture. Also
coupled with all the beautiful facets of Rabbit farming I wondered why
everyone are not keeping rabbits. It dawned on me that society is very
blind about rabbits, so I decided to develop the rabbit industry in

Consider some of these facets of rabbit farming:
1) Rabbit meat is very sweet and most nutritious and healthy farm
meat ever for health conscious people as it has the highest protein
but lowest fat.
2) Rabbit farm is cheaper as one don’t need to spend money buying day
olds because you generate your bunnies yourself. Doesn’t need buying
fuel for brooding or heating. Feeding cost is far cheaper than in
chicken and pig. Provided you have access to leafy vegetables,
grasses, legumes, straw, cartons, even sawdust (as my undergraduate
project proved). It doesn’t need vaccines and antibiotics. In fact
bringing antibiotics close means you want to kill them. Besides,
rabbits to have money diseases, doesn’t have to worry about diseases
like bird flu or swine fever etc. Rabbits can’t even catch the common
cold from humans.

3) Economically “Eco…” i.e Environmental impact.
Rabbits are considered urban livestock because commercial rabbit
production could be carried out in urban areas along side human
quarter because it is practically noise and odor free. Also Rabbits
don’t compete much to none with humans for food. If at all where
necessary takes, highest, 30% corn unlike chicken, pigs and diary cows
that takes about 60-70%. Also manure and urine from rabbits are
organic fertilizers for crop production.

4) Very efficient production. one single Rabbit doe can produce 40-60 2kg rabbit meat per annum. This is higher than any other livestock (except chicken at a higher production cost ) can give. This is because Rabbits gestation period is approximately 30 days, with 5 to 11 kits per litter, and the doe capable of being re-bred 12 hours later as in the wild. So a doe can produce up to 11 times in a year. Thus a family of 4 having 2 does and 1 buck will have an all year round their meat supply being met. No wonder even developed nations cannot do without rabbit farming. Currently, Russia is investing huge into rabbit production with support from China as an insurance policy for war/economic/disaster preparedness. – I hope Nigeria can learn from this. These are just to mention but few.
I hope that in 10 years time that Doeland farm will be a one stop shop for Rabbits/Rabbit based products and equipment in Nigeria. Well, How I plan to get there is first of all by “starting” and secondly “being patient to grow” I know there are challenges but with determination and consistency I’ll get there as long as there is life.


It’s not as if am begging youths. Everyone has his/her own mission and
vision but I tell them farming is pretty dam cool. Let’s embrace it.

Doeland farm’s prototype is in Umuahia North, Abia State, Nigeria. You can Contact them on the phone numbers +234(0) 8068285599 or (0)8051618541


About kalusam

I am a graduate of Agriculture with options in Soil Science and Meteorology from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike- Nigeria. I am the lead Agribusiness consultant at Agritechnovate Solutions Entreprises. I have underwent several trainings, conferences and studies in Agriculture and entrepreneurship with University of Maryland, U.S.A , IHAV Foundation Conference, Association of Africa Business School (AABS) Agric business Launch to mention but a few. As a young farmer and entreprenuer with a passion for research and writing, I use this blog to share my experiences as well as inform Youths of the opportunities available in Agriculture and Entrepreneurship. Follow me on twitter: @kalusamanya Facebook: Skype: kalusam WHatsapp: +2347036931636
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