Prepare for the Dry Season Farming With the Right Irrigation System

An updated version of this post with the current price is available here: Preorder Irrigation systems for the 2018/2019 Dry Season

Every year in Nigeria and in most parts of sub Saharan Africa after about 4-6 months of Rainfall we get to the dry months where solar radiation is scorching and soil water depletes. The time where seasonal farmers drop their farm implements at home and focus on their other trades to continue providing for their families. But this is the time when smart farmers make their money, Why? Because, since few farmers are growing, only those using effective irrigation will have their crops available during this periods and they will sure reap immense benefits.

However, there lies the big questions: What irrigation options are available? What Irrigation options is suitable for the crop I hope to grow in the dry season? Well, if you have this questions in mind then you are at the right place, continue reading…

We will focus on 3 main type of Irrigation that are bound to increase your yields and profits this dry season>

  1. Rain Gun Sprinklers

As their names implies they are in the shape of a gun and they have a long jet range(rate at which they cover). Just 1 Rain gun can cover up to 1 hectare and rotates 360 degrees! Having one Big rain gun sprinkler and a big industrial pump of 10 to 12Hp one can effectively irrigate 1 hectare of land simply by mounting the Sprinkler in the middle of the farm.

What is the advantages of Rain Gun Sprinkler?

*Rain Gun Irrigation plays the role of Nitrogen fixation. One of the major nutrient plant requires is Nitrogen. Atmospheric air contains 78% of nitrogen. As the Rain Gun resembles Rain, the water dissolves the nitrogen from air and gives it to soil, thereby adding nutritive value to soil. This is one of the reasons for increase in yield.

* Reduces pest and insects attack: Pests and insects get washed away during Rain Gun irrigation.

Less Cost: 1 Big Raingun (that can cover up to 100m diameter, when used with a big Machine_10-12hp) and stand costs about N119,900 to Lagos, Nigeria. We sell this on Preorder Basis Here: Additional cost applies when we ship out of Lagos, Nigeria.

Less Maintenance.

Crops that support Sprinklers: Plantation crops(Plantain, Pineapple, Oil Palm, Rubber, e.t.c), Indigenous vegies: Ugu, Shoko, Tete, Ewedu, Water Leaf, Bitter Leaf, Afang or water loving exotic vegetables like Lettuce and all leafy vegetables.

* Smaller rain guns are available at affordable prices, contact us for further details.

Installed and test running a Rain gun Sprinkler on a Clients Plantain Farm

2. Spray Tubes: Another Irrigation method we will be talking about are Spray tubes. This are flexible flat hose perforated at strategic points so that when pressured water pass through them the water will gush out from those holes in a uniform way on both sides. They have a jet length, coverage area of 4m average (2m to the left and 2m to the right) and that means that a 1000m length of spray tubes will be sufficient to irrigate 1 acre. They do not necessarily need a high powered pump, however depending on the size of the land you can power with a 5m high over head tank or pump water directly from a borehole ,Well or a water body using a mud pump.

Crops that support Spray tubes: Plantation crops(Plantain, Pineapple, Oil Palm, Rubber, e.t.c), Indigenous vegies: Ugu, Shoko, Tete, Ewedu, Water Leaf, Bitter Leaf, Afang or water loving exotic vegetables like Lettuce, Water Melon, Cucumbers(staked), and all leafy vegetables.

Video of how We watered our Ugwu using spraytubes in the dry season.

* Cost: Based on quantity ordered you can get at a very good price if you order from us, visit the site for the latest prices:  Thread:

Spray tubes placed in between 2m wide raised bed.

3. Drip Irrigation System is by far the most effective irrigation system for exotic vegetables most of which do not like water to stay long on their leaf like tomato, some specie of cucumbers and others. However most farmers do not use this type of irrigation due to its initial investment cost. How can I use over N300,000 just to Irrigate one acre some question me when I recommend such to them.

However we provide affordable drip Irrigation systems to our clients like you. An acre of drip irrigation systems which includes 4,000m drip, offtake connectors(with valve), joiners, end stoppers, venturi and fikter Costs N219,900 only. You will get within 2.5 months by making a  60% down payment and make balance on Pickup. Contact us to order or follow conversation from our previous customers on this thread:



Crops that support Drip Irrigation: Plantation crops(Plantain, Pineapple, Oil Palm, Rubber, e.t.c), Indigenous vegies: Ugu, Shoko, Tete, Ewedu, Water Leaf, Bitter Leaf, Afang , Maize, Cassava, exotic vegetables like Lettuce, Water Melon, Cucumbers, e.t.c

There are basically 2 types of drip Irrigation systems: The first is factory perforated drip system, this ones have a defined spacing say 30cm or 50cm between one drip emitter and the other.

If you want to cover a large area on drip tapes, we highly recommend that you procure them through us and we ship via sea, in such way you will get a High quality 20km factory perforated Drip Irrigation system(that will cover 2 hectares or 5 acres) only with all necessary accessories for only N990,900 naira Only…with a N590,900 down payment and you get it within 2 months from time of goods been shipped. This offer is for a limited time only, Contact us today for this offer!


The second however consist of an unperforated drip line and you have to use a puncher to make holes and connect an emitter to the holes-this method is used majorly for plantation crops that requires much water like plantains as shown in the picture below…One hectare of irrigation materials and installation of this system costs N849,900 only.


Please call/WhatsApp +2347036931636 or visit: Preorder Irrigation systems for the 2018/2019 Dry Season for latest prices!


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